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About Us

Transtell Communications Nigeria Ltd became Trade Partners with MTN since November 2003 with the sole aim of leading the delivery of a bold and new digital world to the Nigerian Market.

Transtell Communication Nigeria Ltd has a large network of branches in both Anambra and Imo State and is a market leader in telecoms business in the whole of South East.

Transtell Communication (Nig) became partners with Etisalat in November, 2008. Transtell has dealership with Etisalat in both Anambra and Imo States. Transtell’s wide range of network ensures that products from Etisalat are distributed efficiently and effectively to our various customers wherever they may be in Anambra and Imo States.


Transtell Communication (Nig) Ltd became Airtel’s channel Partner (CP) since August 2010. Transtell’s wide network of branches ensures that all Airtel products are distributed effortlessly to the various customers in both Anambra and Imo States.


Transtel Group as a socially responsible company has made a lot of impact on its immediate environment.

The Group is involved in training of Priests and Religious. The Group has a scholarship Scheme for indigent students and has trained a lot of students through the universities and polytechnics.

The Group shall be floating a foundation specifically for these charitable causes before the end of 2014.



Transtell Communication Nig Ltd was chosen as one of Globacom’s Business Associates (BA) since September, 2003. Transtell has been in the forefront of moving Globacom’s products and services to all nooks and crannies of the South East and this is made easy due to the large branch network of Transtell Communication Nig Ltd.